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It’s that time again! Housekeeping!

Iroh: First off, thank you for the follows and the support. We really can’t say that enough. You all mean the world to us. We’ve reached 222 followers which is mind boggling and much appreciated.

Bolin: You guys rock! Get it? Earthbending pun.

Iroh: Secondly, I just want to make it clear why we don’t always answer questions immediately. Generally it’s because we don’t want to spam people’s dashes or flood a certain tag because that’s just annoying and rude.

Also, a lot of the time we have to conserve questions to make sure we have some to answer on a daily-ish basis.

Bolin: It helps when you guys send a bunch of really neat ones, ya know, like you usually do.

Iroh: As always, we love hearing from you, don’t want to be pests, and wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Bolin: You sound like a fortune cookie.