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Anonymous sent: know anybody else in the krew that's gay? closeted or otherwise?

Iroh: That’s an interesting question. I’ve never really thought about it.

Bolin: I think Asami likes Korra.

Iroh: That’s presumptuous.

Bolin: Naw. She totally likes Korra.

Iroh: Well, I have to admit, that would be pretty cute.

Bolin: Right?

Iroh: But honestly, Anon, it’s not really our place to say, especially if that person is closeted. The “Krew” is like a family and in a family, you take people as they are and as they choose to be. If anyone of our friends feels like discussing this, we’ll gladly let you know. 

Anonymous sent: Hi, again LoL, well my question, what was your first fight? how you two solved it?, come on all the couples have it, is normal and is human too n_n.

Iroh: We’ve had enough spats as couples that it’s hard to pinpoint the “first one” because personally it’s not something I like to dwell on. I will say our worst fight was when I had to return to the Fire Nation and Bolin had to go to the South with Korra. Neither of us were really pleased with the idea of splitting up, but we had to do what was most reasonable.

Bolin: The most baddest painful part was the fact that we didn’t end up resolving anything until months later when we met up again. So it was kinda a bunch of sitting around being upset at ourselves and each other.

Iroh: But when we did meet up again I know I was just so happy to see Bo’ again that nothing else mattered all that much.

Bolin: It was kinda like coming home and just feeling at peace.

Anonymous sent: Can you write more Brohsami please? :3

Iroh: If we get more requests in the future, potentially. It’s been a while though and we haven’t seen Asami (or at least I haven’t) in a long while.

[Sorry, we just got completely confused by a tremendously sweet anon and accidentally deleted their message. If you want to sent it again, go for it. I suppose we’re also going to start taking questions again!!!]

Anonymous sent: Iroh you will be the next fire lord? If the answer is yes bolin what will be?

Iroh: It’s a very likely possibility, yes.

Bolin: I’ll be his prince! Or concubine.

Iroh: Bolin  will remain the love of my life, no matter what I end up doing in the future.

Anonymous sent: How you two can be very adorable?

Bolin: It just comes naturally.

Iroh: Bolin is infectious like that. His adorableness spreads.

Bolin: Like a flesh-eating disease!

Iroh: Well, uh, maybe not—

Bolin: Like. A. Flesh-eating. Disease.

darcyhearsahoo sent: You forgot sweet and adorable, too, Iroh.

Iroh: Why thank you, Darcy, my dear.

Bolin: I’m the adorable one.

Iroh: Well I’m not the sweet one.

Bolin: You are when I’m around.

Iroh: Ah. Right. Because of the plum sauce—

Bolin: Because of the plum sauce.

Anonymous sent: Fan sevice? guys you two can make a lot a money >.<, many fans will pay just two see you two kissing, Imagine what they will do if you two let them see having dirty things *¬*

Iroh: Well then. That is an interesting…point. However we’ve already done a lot of fan service in the past. I mean we had a threeway with Asami simply based on follower votes. If we’re not shallow and vain and willing to constantly whore ourselves out to our fans I don’t know what we are.

Bolin: You missed stunningly good looking and charming.

Iroh: Right. That too.

Bolin: Always willing with the fan service, Anon.



Iroh: I’m not asking you to love her right away, or even at all really, but just give her a chance. Everyone deserves a chance.

“How do I give her a chance if I don’t like her?” Ana asked.

Iroh: I think that’s for you to find out, dear. It’ll take time, but I know that you’re strong enough and smart enough to figure it out.